Patriots hope to continue home dominance

Stevan Ridley's father switched his allegiance from the Oakland Raiders once his son was drafted by the New England Patriots.
The running back's dad sure picked a winner.

The Patriots are 25-4, including playoff games, at Gillette Stadium starting in 2011, when Ridley was drafted. They're two-touchdown favorites to make that 26-4 when they open their home season against the Raiders on Sunday.

With MJD out, Raiders will rotate Darren McFadden and Latavius Murray in Week 2

Raiders running back Maurice D.J. Hayden Jersey Jones-Drew won’t rule himself out of Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans. Publicly, the coaching staff has maintained a similar stance.
Though nothing formal has been announced, multiple sources have indicated that he won't be available for the home opener.

Bills WRs Watkins, Woods enjoy complementary start

Robert Woods was a big fan of fellow Bills A.J. Hawk Youth Jersey starting receiver Sammy Watkins long before the two began sharing neighboring lockers.
Watkins can say the same thing about Woods, even though the two attended colleges on opposite coasts.
Woods, who played at Southern California, and Watkins, at Clemson, revealed this week that they spent much of the 2012 season tracking each other's production to serve as motivation.

Jets' backfield trio adds versatility to offense

Chris Johnson paused for a second to think about the last time he lined up in a wishbone-type formation.

Well, until last Sunday, when the New York Jets had him, Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell in the backfield at the same time for a few plays in a 19-14 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

''It was pretty cool,'' Johnson said. ''They can't just focus on one guy.''

That's how it'll be for defensive coordinators facing the Jets this season. Maybe all three will be out there. Or, maybe just one - but which one?

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